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Results of July on the E-Data portal: some of the cities are getting to 100% performance in registering entities managing public funds
12.08.2016 | 10:52

Based on the results of July, entities authorized to manage and to receive state budget funds registered 45% of the total number of virtual offices at the E-Data portal.

In different regions this number ranges from 4% to 96%.

There are already cities which are leaders in registration at E-Data. For example, 96% of managing entities in the town of Netischyn (Khmelnytsky region) have already created their virtual offices at E-Data. Ternivka in Dnipropetrowsk region (93%), Lubny in Poltava region (92%), Chortkiv in Ternopil region (91%) and some other towns are also clearly above the benchmark of 85%.

However, there are still entire districts where the number of registered managing entities is even below 10%. For instance, in Gorodenkivsky district (Ivano-Frankivsk region) only 12 of 130 entities were authorized to manage and to receive public funds through the E-Data, which is equal to only 9%. Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky district in Kyiv region (6%) and Mohyliv-Podilsky district in Vinnytsya region (4%) are also heavy underperformers.

It should be noted that publication of information at the E-Data portal is a must according to the Law of Ukraine “On the open use of public funds”. Every citizen can enter the portal and trace public spending by state authorities, public and municipal companies in the real-time mode. They can also trace what goods or services are purchased for their tax money and how much they cost. This transparency in public spending eliminates corruption risks and contributes to a better business climate in Ukraine.

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