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Law and Order
08.02.2018 | 10:03
Permanent Representative of Ukraine clarified compatibility of newly adopted Law on Occupied Areas of Donbas with international commitments of Ukraine
31.01.2018 | 14:29
Sanctions against Russia have to be maintained until the territorial integrity of Ukraine is restored
31.01.2018 | 14:10
Government has agreed mechanisms for the transfer of land to community ownership
29.01.2018 | 10:14
English Court of Appeal reserves judgment in proceedings regarding the so-called Russian debt until a later date
24.01.2018 | 16:49
Prime Minister: This year we trigger the traffic safety improvement program "500-500-1000"
18.12.2017 | 15:32
Volodymyr Groysman assures economy upturn requires favorable business climate and changes in the system of state supervision and regulation
15.12.2017 | 19:32
Statement on Russias ongoing aggression against Ukraine and illegal occupation of Crimea
15.12.2017 | 12:20
Prime Minister: We have a historic chance to build a new judicial system with a high level of public trust
11.12.2017 | 14:29
State supervision should be aimed at ensuring human security but not bullying of business, assures PM
01.12.2017 | 13:11
Public trust is an integral part of profound transformations, claims Prime Minister
30.11.2017 | 09:23
Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on the ICBM launch by the DPRK
29.11.2017 | 11:36
Head of Government initiates changes to antimonopoly legislation in order to eliminate existing corruption threats in the work of AMCU
17.11.2017 | 12:11
Head of Government calls on controlling bodies to restore the maximum level of distinction for business
16.11.2017 | 13:18
Prime Minister: We put an end to lawlessness against honest business
16.11.2017 | 12:09
Parliament endorsed Government's bill on prevention pressure on business
13.11.2017 | 15:14
Volodymyr Groysman counts on early passage of a bill on prevention pressure on business by the Parliament
09.11.2017 | 14:07
Pavlo Rozenko: Ukraine and Georgia share the same stance on Russia - sanctions against the aggressor country must be preserved
09.11.2017 | 11:22
Ukraine reiterates its support to the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia
08.11.2017 | 11:43
Prime Minister: Gov't drafted legislative framework to protect honest entrepreneurs from illegal actions by controlling bodies and awaits the approval of amendments till the year's end
26.10.2017 | 16:34
meeting of bilateral Ukraine-U.S. Non-Proliferation Working Group (NPWG) was held in Kyiv
24.10.2017 | 12:36
PM urges to eradicate unrelenting pressure on business
19.10.2017 | 15:21
Pavlo Rosenko chaired a meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission on Ukraine's derogation from obligations under certain international treaties
18.10.2017 | 12:25
October 18 - EU Anti-Trafficking Day
10.10.2017 | 15:27
Minister of Justice: Free legal aid system demonstrates effective work
05.10.2017 | 17:06
Ostap Semerak: Gov't approves new rules for importers of products containing ODS
04.10.2017 | 17:31
The 57th Series of Meetings of the Assemblies of the Member States of the World Intellectual Property Organization takes place in Geneva
04.10.2017 | 12:46
Volodymyr Groysman assures Gov't to consistently maintain the principle of transparent VAT refund
27.09.2017 | 13:29
Comment by Vice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze
26.09.2017 | 12:40
Comment of MFA of Ukraine on the OHCHR thematic report "Situation of human rights in the temporarily occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol (Ukraine)"
22.09.2017 | 10:57
Prime Minister initiates to revise AMCU activities through the failure of tenders for the purchase of Customs scanners