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Law and Order
18.04.2017 | 14:39
Draft law on the reform of corporate governance of Naftogaz of Ukraine will be shortly offered for Government's consideration, says Volodymyr Kistion
30.03.2017 | 23:09
Volodymyr Groysman submits his e-asset declaration for 2016
29.03.2017 | 12:52
Volodymyr Groysman assures Gov't provided all conditions to ensure e-asset declaration service be launched and demands NACP to do their job and guarantee flawless operation of the system
29.03.2017 | 09:37
U.S. Senate reaffirms non-recognition of Russias attempted annexation of Crimea and calls for maintenance of sanctions against the Russian Federation
28.03.2017 | 10:32
The 37th session of the Standing Committee on the Law of Trademarks, Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications takes place in Geneva
28.03.2017 | 09:49
Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on the occasion of the third anniversary of the adoption of the United Nations General Assembly resolution Territorial Integrity of Ukraine
21.03.2017 | 18:13
US, Spanish and Czech experts inspect Ukrainian army facilities
17.03.2017 | 16:54
Vice Prime Minister has outlined conditions to reduce the pressure of utility costs on incomes of ordinary Ukrainian families
15.03.2017 | 13:59
Statement of Gov't members on the latest developments around blocking the movement of goods across the line of demarcation
10.03.2017 | 12:08
Cabinet of Ministers cancels about 100 different acts that hamper making business
07.03.2017 | 17:25
We call on the Parliament to dedicate one session day to considering legislative package on energy efficiency, says Hennadii Zubko
06.03.2017 | 10:23
Comment of the MFA of Ukraine in connection with the beginning of the hearing in the International Court of Justice concerning application of Provisional Measures in the case of Ukraine vs the Russian Federation
01.03.2017 | 12:20
Cabinet of Ministers approved a procedure for movement of goods to/from the area of anti-terror operation envisaging public control
22.02.2017 | 10:28
Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin delievered an address at the UNSC Ministerial open debate on "Maintenance of International Peace and Security: Conflicts in Europe"
21.02.2017 | 10:56
Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on the Third Anniversary of Military Aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine
17.02.2017 | 10:05
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin opened the VIII Security Forum in Washington
14.02.2017 | 11:17
The UN Security Council has adopted resolution initiated by Ukraine and held an open debate on the protection of the critical infrastructure against terrorist attacks
14.02.2017 | 10:13
Norways position of support to Ukraine in the preservation of its sovereignty and territorial integrity remains unchanged
13.02.2017 | 17:10
Statement of the MFA of Ukraine regarding the DPRK's ballistic missile launch
01.02.2017 | 14:25
Prime Minister assures Government to prevent destroying an e-asset declaration system and undermining filing declarations until April 1
31.01.2017 | 11:03
Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on the deteriorating situation in Donbas
20.01.2017 | 10:54
Deputy Minister for the European Integration Olena Zerkal had a briefing with representatives of the Diplomatic corps concerning recent Ukraines case in the International Court of Justice
19.01.2017 | 13:43
On commission of Volodymyr Groysman a bill elaborated to provide participants of Maidan events the status of war veterans
19.01.2017 | 10:21
We will actively cooperate with the Austrian OSCE Chairmanship to achieve peace in Donbas, says Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin
17.01.2017 | 14:16
Comments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on the necessity of bringing to justice those find responsible of the usage of chemical weapons in Syria
04.01.2017 | 15:16
Comment of the MFA of Ukraine regarding the some French politicians statements on the territorial integrity of Ukraine
28.12.2016 | 15:29
Volodymyr Groysman: Government will punish severely for hikes in prices for medicines after introduction of reference pricing from 1 January
23.12.2016 | 11:46
PM urges Verkhovna Rada to consider special confiscation issues in first days of Parliament's work in January
22.12.2016 | 12:43
Statement on Russias on-going aggression against Ukraine and illegal occupation of Crimea
21.12.2016 | 18:14
Report of the Embassy of Ukraine on the investigation of the regrettable incident in Uman