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24.05.2017 | 10:00
Delegation of Ukraine, headed by Acting Minister of Health of Ukraine U.Suprun, participates in the 70th WHA
22.05.2017 | 23:45
Volodymyr Groysman: Government is in tune for cooperation with Parliament on medical reform
20.05.2017 | 15:53
Available Medicine program would be fully funded, Government possesses necessary financial resources, assures PM
12.05.2017 | 22:38
Cabinet of Ministers intends to increase funding for the Available Medicine program up to UAH 750 million, system will function, assures Prime Minister
24.04.2017 | 13:39
Volodymyr Groysman assures Government to expand the programme Available Medicines
19.04.2017 | 12:11
Volodymyr Groysman: In 2016 Ukraine saved over $ 17 million on the purchase of vaccines through international organisations
13.04.2017 | 16:11
Prime Minister urges Ukrainians to seize the opportunity of Government's program of free medicine
03.04.2017 | 11:04
Prime Minister: A programme of free medicines came in effect, all relevant decisions have been adopted,
19.03.2017 | 19:57
A decentralization reform is one of the most successful reforms opening up opportunities for improving quality of people's lives
10.03.2017 | 13:06
Cabinet of Ministers adopted a decision to allot UAH 500 million to the regions to execute the program of free medicines to cure chronic ailments from April 1
07.03.2017 | 16:33
If local authorities develop understanding of the need to invest in people's lives, they will achieve progress, says the PM
01.03.2017 | 13:43
1 April Ukraine starts the process of providing free medicines to cure hypertension, diabetes and asthma, announces Volodymyr Groysman
02.02.2017 | 14:39
Process of gradual reduction of prices for medicines commences
26.01.2017 | 12:05
Volodymyr Groysman visited reconstructed maternity ward of the central hospital in Starokostiantyniv of Khmelnytsky region
18.01.2017 | 12:24
Prime Minister: I won't tolerate returning old schemes into the health system
13.12.2016 | 14:49
'Our objective in healthcare sector is to reform the system and to increase life expectancy' Volodymyr Groysman
08.12.2016 | 15:56
Prime Minister put in operation reconstructed ward of Ternopil emergency hospital
07.12.2016 | 09:54
The delegation of Ukraine headed by Pavlo Rozenko, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, takes part in the 39th Meeting of the UNAIDS Coordinating Board
06.12.2016 | 14:22
Volodymyr Groysman tasks newly appointed SAUMP head to provide lower prices for medicines from January 1
01.12.2016 | 00:37
Prime Minister promises to punish companies for overpricing medicines in defiance of the Government's decision on reference pricing
30.11.2016 | 12:37
Prime Minister: I am looking forward to the formation of fair prices for medicines in Ukraine from January 1
28.11.2016 | 16:50
Ukrainian delegation participated in COMEDS meeting
28.11.2016 | 10:07
Government on Wednesday to approve the concept of healthcare reform, says Prime Minister
17.11.2016 | 13:12
Government committed to launch shortly a comprehensive healthcare reform
14.11.2016 | 17:57
Prime Minister pledges Government resolute to complete construction of the new facility of the Okhmatdyt hospital in 2018
14.11.2016 | 14:07
Volodymyr Groysman: Government has unfrozen the construction of a new ward of children's hospital Okhmatdyt and aims to put in operation first start-up facility in the summer of 2017
09.11.2016 | 12:04
Prime Minister: From 1 January the prices for medicines to cure cardiovascular disease, diabetes and asthma will reduce
26.10.2016 | 12:53
Government to endorse a decision to provide Ukrainian citizens with just prices for medicines at next session
10.10.2016 | 17:04
Pavlo Rozenko: Reforming the healthcare system is among the priorities of the Government for 2017
07.10.2016 | 13:49
PM assures Government to prolong activities to procure medications to reach 100% performance in the supply of medicine
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